lördag, mars 31, 2012

Good Morning

Dr.Dre ft. Mary j blige - the message

fredag, mars 30, 2012

Whats the meaning of life?

right now i believe it is 
things that make you happy.
the meaning of life is to do things that makes you happy.
everything that defines happiness. 

everyone is born with a talent, a blessing.
find it and you will be happy. make your talent come trough.
bless your blessing

just a piece in me

when life hits you and you realize that life is the way you make it .
yes ive been told that "life is what you make it " but it didnt make any sense until now.
now when you in the bottom trynna fix it all, things wanna pull you even further down.
 i do believe there is a god. but im raised with non-believers.
even though ive been prayin to god all my life, something little in me turned that down. 
i dont know what it is, maybe because im depressed, and god will be shown when i show that i care.
one thing im aiming at is to do good thing for myself and for other around me. 
if you do good deeds, the good will come for you.
god is testing me just for me to realize that things are about to change. 
and that it wont be easy. with all these things, ill be a better person.
ill be a stronger person at the end of the day.
its not all about knowledge, i believe that you will be stronger with wisdom.
wisdom is what life is about, and with wisdom you can help others. 
god is good. im faithfull. im being good. but not to myself and the people around me.
ive been good in general, but ive been selfish. 

i havent thought about that my live decisions have affected the surroundings.
i want to succeed to make my family happy, i want to succeed to not be a failer.

to not be somebody that everyone looks down to.   
and to make that happend, is to do well and pray. 
i want to make my dream come trough, and i dont know whats holding me back.
BUT i believe that when im all done with making my life normal and everyone satisfied,
i can think of myself and my dream will be shown. 

lördag, mars 24, 2012

Flatbush Zombies - Thug Waffle

JAG älskar den första killens flow. w-o-w
märks att han har blivit helt influerad av ol dirr bastard .
åhhh.. jag fall för honom direkt.

fredag, mars 09, 2012

annehem fastigheter ab

here I am liksom. bara står där

torsdag, mars 08, 2012