onsdag, april 18, 2012


Horoscope for April 17, 2012
You may feel loaded as you now shoulder extra responsibilities. Various modes of communication may keep you busy as a need to connect with people lurks in your mind. Watch your words when you interact, as it may result into awkward situations. You seem to be reciprocating with people not only professionally but also on the personal front. Emotional communications could figure now. Keep a check on your tongue and don’t say things that you yourself would never want to hear.

måndag, april 16, 2012


ive hurted people way too many times, without feeling any sympathy ive moved on with my life
ive ignore the realness in it because otherwise i would be trapped in my mind. 
even though i have been thinking about it more or 
less ive never realized how much i had hurt a persons feelings. 

right until this letter, message call it whatever.
i dont know how to react since i really dont know what i feel anymore.
now i only feel sympathy, and thinking about like you said - what could of happend.
there was a reason to why i out of nowhere just disappeared. and that reason was the truth.
the truth that i couldn't tell you. i always speak the truth eventho it hurts people BUT i dont tell the truth when i know its painfull to hear. 

i dont know what to say. i could say im sorry. but what do it help?
or.. i could say goodbye and just end it.
or get in touched again. 
NOW im trapped in my mind. i got what i didnt want in the first place.
thats why you always tell the truth, right?
i always knew it, but i couldnt be selfish even tho it really was.

söndag, april 15, 2012


beyonce - gift from virgo 
det fetaste med en människa som oftast är uppe på nätterna och nästan aldrig sover, är att vi har ett helt annat sätt att tänka. som på en helt annan galax. till slut blir man så trött att man börjar drömma vaken. 

SVAR till den anonyma som frågade en dum fråga

söndag, april 08, 2012

something like that

theres many different ways of being lonely.
the way i feeling isnt the type of loneliness where you have nobody to talk to.
but that you miss somebody that you can talk sense to.
not just a friend or family.
somebody that is more than that.
A him.

lördag, april 07, 2012

u fuckin twat

ahhh hunger spelet hahaha .. helt okej film asså.. nu kollar jag på skins. mycket bättre

onsdag, april 04, 2012


wake up inna di morning feelin like pdiddy. 
härligt väder härligt liv. nu ska vi gå o basta.

waw heftigt

gått ända ifrån lindängen. OCH tränat idag OCH blåmärken över hela min kropp. wow